About Us.

You could say that the little things in life don’t matter. But that’s not true.
Even the little things are meaningful to someone. And sometimes they
mean a lot. That’s why since 2011 DML pays attention to the little things. Not just little
things like caps, lanyards and USB keys – but all the little ways you can go
further for a client. And the ways you can make the journey you’re on
together fun and memorable. You do it all with a smile, and playful
attitude. Because that’s how you make them feel you’ve invested in them.
So they keep coming back.

Everything matters.


DML helps distributors shine, by going above and beyond in providing high-quality personalized products, tailored solutions, and a simplified purchasing process.

To become the industry benchmark supplier of high-quality personalized products, with simplified service to distributors, and to always be a trusted and valued partner by improving what we do every day.

• Caring

• Trust

• Respect

• Transparency

• Commitment to constant improvement


+1 (855) 824.0795

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© 2022 DML. All rights reserved.

DML assumes that clients have obtained allowances or permissions to reproduce trademarked or copywritten logos. DML will take no responsability for any copyright disputes. All items produced by DML could or can be used in our advertising/ marketing campaigns, unless we receive specific instructions not to, in writing, before confirmation of the order. All trademarked items used in our campaigns are for marketing purposes only. They do not belong to DML and are not for resale. All molds produced by DML remain the property of DML and cannot be shipped out of the factories. Pricing includes only the creation of the mold and not the proprietary rights to it.

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