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Modified Flat Bill with Mesh Back Cap
Top Performer New Color

Our Price$12.50$11.40$11.15$10.90$10.65$10.406A
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Product Information
• Medium profile six panel structured cap
• Chino twill front with trucker mesh back
• Adjustable plastic snap tab


Price Includes 10,000 Stitches Free Embroidery tapes Free Embroidery tapes

Add $7.00 (A)

MOQ: 24 pcs

*Column pricing applies on 24 pcs of decorated headwear

• Front Panels: 5.5"w x 2.25"h

• Side Panels: 2.25"w x 2"h

• Across Back Seam: 3.5"w x 1"h

• Back Left & Right Panels: 1.5"w x 1.5"h

• 3D Embroidery: Add $14.00(A)

• Across Back Seam Embroidery: Add $3.50(A)

• Side Panel Embroidery: Add $3.50(A)

• Back Panel Embroidery: Add $3.50(A)

• Fabric Strap embroidery: Add $3.50(A)

• Team Numbers: Add $15.00(A) *Max 2 digits included

• Embroidered Patches: Add $12.00(A)

• Laser-Etched Leather Patches: Add $12.50(A)

• Sublimated Patches: Add $12.00(A)

• Woven Patches: Add $12.00(A)

• Woven Labels: Add $8.00(A)

• Flexstyle Applique: Add $17.50(A) + $200(A)

• PVC Crests: Add $17.50(A)

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